Covid-Free Bundle

Tippy Taps
Ten Tippy Taps

Wat-er year to give this bundle!

This life-saving bundle of a radio, soap, and ten tippy taps can help a family steer clear of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

Lizzie and her children Mathews, Given and Trust now have the soap they need to protect themselves in Malawi. Photo: Concern Worldwide.

Gift in action

We’ve all seen how fast things can change this past year, so having a radio could keep a family informed about local outbreaks.

And one of the best defences we have against infectious diseases is a clean pair of hands, so soap in the house could make all the difference.

But what about a washing station I hear you say? The tippy tap is a foot-operated handwashing facility proven to control the spread of diseases.

This gift goes towards our Health programme.


What You Get

When you buy this gift, you’ll receive a special card to pass on to your friend or loved one. This card will indicate what you have bought for them and you can choose to personalise it by adding a special message. Alternatively, you can choose to send them an e-card directly.

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Covid-Free Bundle


Covid-Free Bundle