Make a lasting difference by ordering one of our six corporate Gifts of Hope. These gifts are specifically for companies and offer a unique alternative to the usual corporate gift.

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Family Survival Packs

Elina Joao (22) collects supplies from a Concern distribution in Ndeja, Mozambique. They include hygiene kits, kitchen kits, shelter and bedding materials. "These are all the things that we lost in the flood". Photo: Tommy Trenchard / Concern Worldwide

Farmyard Bundles

As part of a Concern programme in Ethiopia, Mestawat Sorsa has started her own grain milling business and acquired a donkey, a cow, and a sheep. Photo: Kieran McConville/Concern Worldwide.

Keep Girls in School

Rebecca Karistu is a student in Sekeni Primary school and studies a range of subjects including Science & Technology and Creative Arts. Concern provides support to her school in the form of capacity building and teacher training. Photo: Jason Kennedy/Concern Worldwide.


Daro Shunehan is studying tailoring as part of Concern’s livelihoods programme in Kenya. Photo: Jennifer Nolan/ Concern Worldwide.

Village Wells

Naomi collects water with her son Lawrence. The village pump was installed through a Concern programme in Liberia. Photo: Gavin Douglas/ Concern Worldwide.