Make a lasting difference this Christmas by purchasing one of our six lifesaving Gifts of Hope. These gifts are specially designed for companies and are a unique alternative to the usual corporate Christmas gift.

In return, you will receive:

  • An e-signature and e-card to share with your team and clients
  • A thank you certificate and letter
  • A special mention on our LinkedIn page to our 35K followers

Irish Times feature

For gifts of €1,000 and over, your company’s logo will appear in a thank you ad in The Irish Times on the 20th of December. Donations of €250 and over will have their name featured. To feature, please donate before December 6th.

Keep 10 families warm with thermal blankets

Wafdeh*, a Syrian refugee, with her youngest daughter Rajaa*. Concern has provided them with blankets and other materials to make the harsh winter in Lebanon a little more bearable. Photo: Gavin Douglas/ Concern Worldwide.

Train 20 families on potato farming

Mehamed with his family's potatoes. Photo: Jennifer Nolan/ Concern Worldwide.

Build two village wells

Sadah Smith using the new Town Town well. Concern installed this well recently and it's already having a positive impact on the town. Photo: Gavin Douglas/Concern Worldwide.

Teach 40 adults to read and write

Merana Previl (63) with her written name. Photo: Kieran McConville / Concern Worldwide.