Start a farmyard


The whole gang is here to start a farmyard!

This gift bundle contains some of our most popular gifts - a cow, a goat and six chickens. They will supply a family with milk to drink, eggs to eat and manure to make their crops grow better. With so many benefits to this trio of amazing animals, it's no wonder they're some of our most loved gifts!

Monica Jordan, age 27, was trained as a 'lead mother' by Concern Worldwide. As part of this programme, she was given a goat and taught the importance of having livestock. Photo: Jennifer Nolan/Concern Worldwide

Mother of three Monica from Malawi has received a goat and a chicken from Concern. Thanks to the animals, she can now provide her children with a more nutritious diet. What's more, the manure from the goat has enriched the soil in their garden and is helping their vegetables grow. Monica's children now have a full stomach going to school, giving them the energy they need to concentrate and enjoy school!

These gifts go towards our Livelihoods programme.